Parallel driving system AGRISTAR

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The parallel driving system AGRISTAR is equipped with a large number of functions and capabilities that make working in the field convenient and efficient.... Read more...

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Accuracy - up to 30 cm
Display - 7 inches
Food - 12 volts
Housing - Plastic
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AGRISTAR is one of the most common parallel driving systems on the Ukrainian market. The popularity of this brand is explained by its simplicity and reliability. There is nothing superfluous, you can master the system in a few minutes. With its simplicity, AGRISTAR completely copes with all tasks, ensures high-quality and trouble-free operation even in all conditions

This device is supplied in two versions with a base antenna and with a reinforced external antenna
Work on free GPS and GLONASS signals
Allows you to achieve a maximum accuracy of 20 - 30 cm, subject to the use of a reinforced antenna.


  • Color touch screen (18cm)
  • High accuracy (15-20cm with reinforced antenna)
  • Using a free signal
  • Support for GLONASS and GPS satellite signals with a reception frequency of 5 Hz
  • Quick setup (1 minute from startup)
  • Flexible adjustment of the working width (up to centimeters)
  • Measuring and counting the treated area
  • Preservation of the last treated area
  • Travel speed display
  • Parallel driving (A-B) and free mode
  • Working with irregularly shaped margins on painting
  • Measurement of the area of ​​the field along the perimeter (contour)
  • Downloading work fields to Google maps for viewing on a computer
  • Night mode and brightness control
  • Ability to change the scale
  • Visualization of overlappings
  • Visualization of the treated area

Parallel driving. At the beginning of the movement, the field is divided into parallel straight lines, taking into account the dimensions of the unit, and the machine operator simply moves along a given trajectory. AGRISTAR also has a field measurement function.

No need to pay a subscription fee, it is enough to buy AGRISTAR system once and use it for years. At the same time, the accuracy of the work is not inferior to the analogs and ensures efficient soil cultivation with minimal overlap. When using a reinforced antenna, the AGRISTAR system operates with a high accuracy of 15-20 cm from the pass to the aisle. This makes it possible to effectively use it in almost all agricultural works. In the delivery set there is an adapter for connecting directly to the battery, if there is no or the socket of the cigarette lighter is defective. When working with irregularly shaped fields, during the spreads and finishing the field processing for orientation on the field, painting is used. The machine operator sees processed and untreated areas on the instrument display. If you need to fill up, counting the area is paused and continues after the technique returns and continues processing.


  • Antenna (standard or reinforced).
  • The AGRISTAR device.
  • Fastening the device to the windshield of the car.
  • Power cable for cigarette lighter.
  • Remote socket cigarette lighter.
  • Instruction, warranty.
This device is supplied in two configurations with a base antenna and with a reinforced external antenna that amplifies the GPS GLONASS signal and makes it possible to obtain a more accurate signal
Warranty 1 year + technical support

Offices and departments in Zaporozhye and Kiev + Service

Accuracy up to 30 cm
Display 7 inches
Food 12 volts
Housing Plastic
Manufacturer country Germany
Measurement of area Yes
Night mode Yes
Protection from dust and moisture Absent
Signals GPS and GLONASS
Touchscreen Yes

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