Box for the walnut
Cardboard packaging from Ukraine
Cardboard packaging from Ukraine. Our company is engaged in the production of cardboard packaging from corrugated cardboard as well as the production of corrugated cardboard. We produce three-layer corrugated cardboard, five-layer corrugated cardboar..
Apples container and packing - crates of corrugated box
# Apple - Apple corrugated cardboard or box for apples from corrugated cardboard, we make under the order for transportation and storage of an apple. Corrugated board for apples is made of five-layer corrugated cardboard of P32 / P33 / P34 / P35 grad..
Corrugated boxes - boxes of corrugated box We produce by order in bulk
Enterprise KERBOS Produces custom-made corrugated cardboard boxes of boxes of various designs and sizes for various segments of consumption. In corrugated packaging we use corrugated cardboard of our own production (three-layer and five-layer). Depen..
Tray for berries from corrugated cardboard for 5 kg
Tray for berries from corrugated cardboard for 5 kg is designed for storage and transportation of strawberries, raspberries and other berries. This tray includes 10 plastic pints of 500 grams. Our corrugated cardboard for yagos has the following dime..
Packaging for grapes
Packaging for grapes. We produce various corrugated cardboard for transportation of grapes. Trays are made of five-layer corrugated cardboard. The capacity of grapes from 6 to 12 kg, depending on the tray. There are several types of standard trays - ..
Boxes wholesale in Ukraine !!!
Boxes! Wholesale. We produce boxes made to order from corrugated cardboard. We print on cardboard boxes up to 4 colors. Also we can calculate cardboard boxes according to your individual sizes. Circulations of manufactured boxes from 5000 pcs or more..
We make to order Octabin for transportation of watermelons, melons and other products. This Octabin is made from seven-layer corrugated cardboard and can have two covers or one (bottom). The cover for Oktabina is made of three-layer corrugated cardbo..
Cardboard and Paper Mill
Cardboard and paper mill "Ukr - Tara" produces corrugated cardboard and corrugated paper on its own equipment of European production. Our corrugator for the production of corrugated board width of 2200mm. allows you to produce corrugated cardboard wi..
Washing powder Ukraine
Trade house "KERBOS" offers for sale a hypoallergenic, besfosfatny washing powder of Ukrainian production, corresponding to European standards. The powder is specially designed for use in washing machines of all types at a temperature of 30-90 ° C. T..