Print Calendars
Print CalendarsQuarter calendars are perhaps the most popular in Ukraine construction of large calendars. Large, clear numbers on the calendar are clearly visible even from a distance. There is a place for beautiful pictures and for your advertising ..
Printing magazines and catalogs
Printing magazines and catalogsJournal (from fr. Journal) - printed periodical.In accordance with GOST 7.60-2003 “Printed Publications”, “a periodical journal, which has a permanent rubrication and contains articles or abstracts on various socio-poli..
Formats of printing products
Formats of printing products..
Booklet and leaflet printing
Booklet and leaflet printingLeaflets and booklets - the most common type of promotional products.When there is no time to develop a booklet or brochure, funds placed advertising information quickly becomes outdated or has a small amount, the best sol..
Print billboards
Print billboardsBlueback paper, 115 g / m. sq., width: 1.6m (printable area 1.58 m).Blueback Paper - Opaque waterproof paper with a blue back side. It is used for the manufacture of posters and signs posted or pasted on bulletin boards or billboards ..
Printing and making banners
Printing and making bannersBanner fabric Frontlit (Frontlit), 450 g / m. sq., width: 3.2m (printable area 3.18 m).Frontlit - this is an opaque banner fabric of white color with a light transmittance of no more than 10%, used for street advertising st..
Large format printing
Large format printing- large-format printing on banner cloth (use: trunk panels, firewalls, banners, signs, exhibition stands); - printing on translucent banner fabric (use: light boxes); - printing on a banner grid (use: temporary firewall..
Flex printing
Flex printingWhen talking to graphic designers talking about printing, most often refers to offset printing. This is not surprising, since offset printing accounts for about 80% of the commercial printing market in Ukraine (the remaining share is alm..